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26 November
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about me
I am Jo from South East Asia.

I won't be posting anything in my journal for now.

I like Sakurai Sho and Aiba Masaki.
I love Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao on and off screen.

I love Chuck and Blair and their demented ways.

I have been into Kpop just recently.
I like Gummy, BigBang, Taeyang, Gdragon, and 2ne1's music.
I ♥ YG =)
I am exploring more of the Kpop world so I'm excited to know and hear more.

I love music.

I love to read.
I read books.
I read manga.
I read fanfics.
I read magazines.
I read novels.
I read comic books.
I read newspapers.
Name it, I read them all. I would lose sleep for an interesting story.

I love romance. I love anything romantic.

I love spending time with my boyfriend.
I believe he is the one destined for me. ♥

I love teaching in Sunday School with a bunch of hyperactive kids.
I love playing, singing and having fun with them.

This journal is made mainly for fangirling, reading fics, learning and making friends.

I think that's it for now.

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